Osteopathy for babies, children, adults and the elderly

"Just a quick note to say thanks for taking care of me last week. I've just managed two straight days without painkillers, so things must be on the mend. "

- Ian

Who is suitable for treatment?

Osteopathy is for everybody - from babies to the elderly - and can help the very fit and the infirm alike.

Many of our patients suffer with lower back pain caused by postural strains and spinal disc injuries. Problems may also be work related, whether you're sitting for long periods at your computer or doing very physical heavy work, there are patterns of strain which occur which we can recognise and help to ease.

We have many middle-aged patients, as at this stage of life wear and tear is beginning to affect the joints of the spine so injury occurs more easily. Activities that you had no problems with in your twenties can leave you aching.

We can help the elderly with pain and stiffness in their joints by improving their range of motion, stretching out the muscles surrounding the joint, and encouraging blood supply to the joint to aid regeneration.

Let us help ease the aches and pains with effective osteopathy treatments. Call us on

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